25 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Internet


25 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Internet is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

This guide details a list of the best offline Android games. Fun games you can play on your Pixel, Galaxy phone or tablet and more without an internet connection. Whether you’re enjoying the outdoors or a daily subway commute underground, these games don’t need WiFi at all.

These days most games need some sort of data connection to work. That’s how Fortnite loads your skins and finds players. Or, how Pokémon GO spawns new monsters. So while most games need internet, there are other addicting games that work just fine offline.

In 2014 Google added an Offline Games section to the Google Play Store. Giving users a place to find free or paid games that work without the internet. Out of them all, we’ve listed the best offline Android games for you. Games you’ll want to download and have ready for when WiFi or 4G LTE isn’t available.

These are the best games you can play offline on Android

Additionally, these games are great for tablet users or your kids. Most Android tablets don’t have a SIM card like your phone and only work on WiFi. And if you’re in the car for a road trip, you or your kid’s tablet can still play these games. Plus, you won’t go over any data plans.

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Keep in mind that some of the games on our list need internet access at least once. Requiring WiFi to install the game and download any additional game files or connect to Google Play. Do this once, and you’re all set. Just open the game after it installs to make sure it doesn’t need anything further.

Best Offline Android Games

You can enjoy awesome games like Altos Adventure, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Fallout: Shelter and more without the internet. Or, play casual games like all the Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, or Plants vs Zombies.

However, our list also details some great games you’ve probably never heard of or didn’t know worked offline. Including BADLANDS, Crashlands, Cut the Rope, Dead Trigger 2, Pac-Man 256, and even the popular NCIS: Hidden Crimes. In total, we dug through the entire Play Store and have 25 great games we can recommend for multiple genres.

You can find more info about each game or a link to download it in our slideshow below. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. So play anything that sounds interesting, download a few to take with you on vacation or try each one throughout the winter or on your commute. We’ll continuously update this list in 2019 with all the best offline Android games.

Fallout: Shelter

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Fallout: Shelter

If you don’t have WiFi, that’s no problem. Just download Fallout: Shelter and play it all summer. Fallout is still one of the most popular console games of all times. Players can enjoy it for hundreds of hours on end and love every minute of it. While many of you have probably played Fallout: Shelter on mobile, did you know it works without WiFi? This is a perfect game to enjoy while on a plane. 

Fallout Shelter is like SimBuilder type games where you build a village and make everyone happy. Only this takes place in an underground bunker after the world was destroyed. It’s similar to the popular console game but obviously different in many ways. It runs 24/7, even without WiFi, and you’ll get notifications when stuff happens all the time. As a result, Fallout Shelter is an extremely popular (and addicting) game that everyone can enjoy. Here are some important tips and tricks, then download it from our link below. 

Play Fallout: Shelter 

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25 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Internet is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

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