Lauren Kavanaugh Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teen Girl


Lauren Kavanaugh aka “The Girl in the Closet” has been arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. Kavanaugh’s story of years of sexual abuse became national news is now in the custody of Lewisville Police Department in Texas.

CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reports that cops received a tip on December 17 that a Kavanaugh had been sexually abusing a 14-year-old.

Kavanaugh had been living with the victim and the victim’s family, reports WFAA. The station says that Kavanaugh admitted to assaulting the child. Kavanaugh said that the paid met via Kavanaugh’s Facebook page.

Kavanaugh’s Facebook page is named, “The Lauren Kavanaugh Story,” and seeks to offer help to other victims of sexual abuse. Denton’s case captured national attention in June 2001 when the abuse she suffered at home in Hutchins, Texas, was made public. When Kavanaugh was found by police she was 8 years old and weight 25 pounds. It’s thought she had been abused for most of her life.

In 2002, Kavanaugh’s stepfather, Kenneth Atkinson, 35, was sentenced to life in prison for the abuse suffered by Kavanaugh. A few months previously, Barbara Atkinson, Kavanaugh’s mother was sentenced to life in prison for her role in the abuse.

During the trial, Kavanaugh’s half-sibling testified about the abuse that Kavanaugh suffered. That sibling said that Kavanaugh was locked away in a closet for most of the day. The sibling that the other children in the home were told not to tell anyone about the abuse Kavanaugh suffered. A doctor who testified in the case said that Kavanaugh had been sexually abused so badly that she required surgery.

Prosecutor Mark Moffitt said in his closing statement that Kenneth Atkinson’s crime was “worse than murder.” While defense attorney, Malcolm Dade, said that Atkinson had cared for five other children in the home and that it was Atkinson that told neighbors about Kavanaugh, which led to her being discovered, reported CBS News in 2002.

Kavanaugh is being held at Denton County Jail on a $ 10,0000 bond. WFAA reports that police belive their maybe other victims.

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