Rickey Vernon Smith: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Ricky Vernon Smith is a FedEx worker facing a possible murder charge for allegedly pulling out a knife and stabbing a father of five in a road rage incident that left the man dead.

Smith and Williams did not appear to know one another prior to the incident. Smith is being held at San Diego Central Jail pending an arraignment on Nov. 29.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Incident Occurred as the Result of an Altercation While the Men Were on the Road

The exact details of the road rage incident that triggered the stabbing spree are not yet known. Here’s what is known: police suspect the dispute between Williams and Smith happened somewhere near National City, and that Williams and Smith stopped their cars at several points to yell at one another.

Eventually, Smith threw a soda can at Williams and used his Ford pickup truck to ram Williams’ minivan. After that, Smith passed William then braked abruptly in front of the car, causing a second collision before he got out of the car and approached Williams. Smith then punched Williams through the driver window and stabbed him several times.

Several witnesses described Williams getting out of the car, and stumbling a few steps before collapsing onto the road.

Williams succumbed to these stab wounds later on in the hospital.

2. Smith Was in His FedEx Uniform at the Time, But He Isn’t a Delivery Driver

Though Smith isn’t a delivery driver for FedEx, he does work for the company at a local processing facility. It’s unclear whether Smith was technically on the clock at the time of the incident. FedEx has not yet released a statement on the incident.

A witness said of the incident, “And then I seen the FedEx guy, he reached into his pocket, and he grabbed a knife, and just started stabbing him right there, and the guy was still seated.”

3. Horace Williams Was Identified at the 36-Year-Old Father of Five Who Smith Stabbed to Death

Following Smith’s arrest, the name of the victim was revealed to be 36-year-old Horace Williams, who was a father of five and engaged to be married. The GoFundMe page for Williams describes him as “a funny, laid back and amazing person..A son, a brother, cousin, irreplaceable friend/partner and father to 5 beautiful little girls.”

Williams had just dropped off two of his girls at school when the incident happened. Two of his daughters are just over a year old.

4. Smith Surrendered Peaceably to Officers at the Scene; He & His Wife Are Very Involved With Their Church

According to The San Diego Tribune, Smith surrendered peaceably to officers at the scene of the crime, and is cooperating with authorities.

Smith, 60, is an organist at St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church Of God In Christ, in his community of Valencia. His wife is similarly involved, and runs a youth ministries program for the church as well. It’s unclear whether the Smiths have any children.

5. A GoFundMe Has Been Set up to Help Support Williams’ Family

Rickey Vernon Smith

Horace Williams and his family.

In the wake of Williams’ passing, a GoFundMe has been set up to help support the family. With a goal of $ 30,000, the GoFundMe page reads, “To say that we will miss you Horace, is an understatement. Miss is just not enough. Our hearts are empty, a piece is gone.”

It continues, “We are asking for your help. Lots of help. He has 5 beautiful daughters, two of which are just over a year old. Please help mine and my husbands cousin and his family through this heart breaking time. Anything anyone can contribute towards funeral costs, these beautiful girls, their future and his amazing fiancé is appreciated greatly.”

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