Samsung Galaxy S10 News, Rumors, Release Date & Specs


Samsung Galaxy S10 News, Rumors, Release Date & Specs is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 release is coming early next year and we want to help you keep up with all the latest leaks and rumors. Whether that’s talk of three different screen sizes, a Galaxy S10+ with five cameras, and any other Galaxy S10 news. These exciting new phones will be the 10th-anniversary edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S.

Similar to Apple’s popular iPhone Xs, we’re expecting something truly impressive from Samsung in 2019. While the Galaxy S9 has a lot to offer, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will deliver the edge-to-edge screens we’ve all wanted. It’s a milestone year so expect big things.

These S10 handsets will compete with three new iPhones from Apple, Google’s powerful Pixel 3, and the latest Chinese phones with neat features like in-display fingerprint scanners. Without further delay, here are the latest Galaxy S10 leaks, rumors, and features you need to know about.

Beautiful concept render by Ben Geskin (probably pretty accurate)

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date: Early March 2019 (announcement in February)
  • What is the Galaxy S10?: Samsung’s 10th flagship high-end Galaxy S smartphone
  • What to expect?: Three phones, triple cameras, in-display fingerprint sensor & edge-to-edge displays
  • How Much Will it Cost?: Anywhere from $ 649-$ 999 depending on the model

Now that you know a few of the basics and we’ve answered some important questions, read on for the latest news and rumors.

Latest Galaxy S10 News (October 25, 2018)

Back in June, a report came out saying Samsung will release three different Galaxy S10 phones. Three phones with codenames of Beyond 0, Beyond 1, and Beyond 2. A flat 5.8-inch screen, a curved S10, and an even bigger and better Galaxy S10+. Now, we’re hearing additional information about the fingerprint scanner, three cameras, and screen sizes for all three phones.

On October 25th Bloomberg dropped a huge post with tons of exciting information. And while the Galaxy Note 9 is still fresh, 2019 and the Galaxy S10 is fast approaching. Bloomberg’s information confirms the three devices and then some. Sharing secret info about truly edge-to-edge screens with the front-facing camera under the screen, in-display fingerprint sensors, 5G support and more. Furthermore, the trusted leaker @UniverseIce confirmed most of this with photos taken from a recent private Samsung event about its upcoming tech in 2019.

Plus, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will reportedly be the first phone with Qualcomm’s in-display scanner technology. That’s important because Qualcomm’s tech works through glass, metal, ceramic, underwater, and is the most advanced option on the market. Keep in mind that we’re hearing the cheaper flat 5.8-inch S10 will have a side-mounted scanner, while the main S10 and Galaxy S10+ will have fingerprint sensors under the screen. This tech is different (and better) than what’s inside the OnePlus 6T.

If you’re wondering how Samsung will put the front camera under the screen and get around all the sensors in Apple’s notched display, this tweet explains the technology they’re working on.

Galaxy S10: What You Need to Know (All the important stuff)

We could go on and on about a sleek new design, talk about the big curved AMOLED displays, or explain all of the specs, but that’s all just rumors so far. The Galaxy S10 and S10+ will be Samsung biggest, fastest, and best phones ever released. We don’t know what it’ll look like yet though, so we’ll save all that for later. You can bet that they’ll slim down the bezels considerably, and hopefully, Samsung doesn’t copy the iPhone X notch.

What’s important is that rumors suggest Samsung will release three phones this year, one will have triple cameras, and they’ve combined years of R&D into a 10th-anniversary flagship Galaxy S10.

For the past four years Samsung has released two phones, then a bigger Galaxy Note later in the year. For 2019 it sounds like they’re going to offer an affordable flat-screen Galaxy S10 for everyone that hates curved screens, then two more Galaxy S10 phones similar to what everyone knows and loves.

The bigger Galaxy S10+ will have the iconic curved 6.2-inch Quad (or 4K) AMOLED display, a bigger battery, and a unique triple camera system on the back.

Galaxy S10 Specs (Rumored)

It’s still early, but here are some potential specs for Samsung’s new phones in February of 2019.

  • 5.8-inch Flat Screen, 5.8-inch Curved Infinity Display, & 6.2-inch Curved Quad-HD Infinity Displays (Bezel-free)
  • 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor in the US and Samsung Exynos in select regions
  • 6-8GB of RAM and 64/128/256GB storage with microSD expansion
  • Android 9.0 P With Samsung UX
  • Single 12MP dual-aperture f/1.5-f/2.4 Dual Pixel camera, triple camera setup in S10+ (OIS,  960fps Slow-Mo, 4K, and much more) (Potentially five cameras in the S10+)
  • 8MP Front Selfie Camera with Portrait Mode & Improved 3D AR Emoji (or dual 3D camera array)
  • Stereo Speaker tuned by AKG
  • 3,300 mAh and 3,870 mAh with Fast Charging and Faster 15w Wireless Charging (or bigger)
  • IP68 Dust & Water-resistance, USB Type-C, Bixby 2.0, Bixby AI, 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Heart-rate sensor, 3D Facial ID Recognition, In-Display Fingerprint Sensor, more
  • Developing…

Galaxy S10 Cameras

Recent leaks from Korea suggest the Galaxy S10+ will come with five cameras. Not three or four, but five cameras total. Three on the back and two on the front. Industry parts experts claim that only the bigger Galaxy 10+ will get this treatment, while the two smaller S10 variants will only have three or four.

Around back, Samsung will reportedly pack in a main 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 13-megapixel telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom (not 2x), and finally, a third 16-megapixel super wide-angle lens. This will offer the widest field of view ever seen on a Galaxy S phone. The new triple-lens camera will be one of the Galaxy S10’s main selling points next year when the phone launches Additionally, the report says the bigger S10+ will use two cameras on the front as well. The main 8MP and a secondary wide-angle selfie camera with enhanced portrait modes.

Yes, that’s five cameras on the new and improved bigger Galaxy S10+ coming in early 2019. We don’t know if all three models will pack three cameras on the back, so we’ll have to wait and see.

If I had to guess, the cheapest 5.5 or 5.8-inch flat-screened Galaxy S10 will only have dual rear cameras, a side or rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, and give the iPhone Xr a run for its money.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

We know the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will be great, so your biggest question is likely “When can I buy the Galaxy S10?”.

If 2019 is like almost every other year, the company will host its annual Samsung Unpacked 2019 event in Spain at Mobile World Congress near the end of February. Basically, expect Samsung to debut and show off the Galaxy S10 around February 25-28th, 2019, at the MWC 2019 tradeshow. Being it’s 10th-anniversary, they could host a big separate event on the 24th.

As for when you’ll be able to buy the S10, it should officially hit store shelves a few weeks later. Based on previous years, look for a March 15th, 2019 release date.

A popular leakster who often shares exact release info recently claimed the Galaxy X (or Galaxy F the Foldable phone) is coming in January at CES, followed by the Galaxy S10 in February at MWC. Essentially confirming what we said above.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Price

With rumors suggesting three Galaxy S10 phones in 2019, Samsung could really shake up its pricing strategy. Especially if the regular flat Galaxy S10 wants to compete with Apple’s iPhone Xr.

Devices like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 came in at $ 720, while the bigger Galaxy S8+ and S9+ are around $ 850 or so. That said, the big new Galaxy Note 9 is $ 1,000.

My guess is the budget Galaxy S10 (flat screen) will cost roughly $ 650, with the curved Galaxy S10 costing $ 749 or so. Then, the high-end triple camera Galaxy S10+ might be around $ 849-$ 949. Although $ 899-$ 999 makes more sense when you compare it to high prices of the Note 9 and iPhone Xs Max.

A Few More Galaxy S10 Leaks & Rumors

In closing, we want to share a few other Galaxy S10 leaks, rumors and news for potential buyers. And while we’ve heard a few reports about a design change, we’ll have to wait and see. Just like Apple, Samsung continues to stick to a familiar design. Is 2019 the year they switch it up and offer a completely revamped phone for its 10th anniversary?

Next, the popular leakster @IceUniverse on Twitter suggests Samsung’s new phones will get a big boost in performance thanks to faster processors, RAM, and storage.

Basically, Samsung’s using faster LPDDR5 RAM and UFS3.0 storage chips that will make apps fly and improve performance as a whole. Combine that with some other leaked information and Android 9 Pie and things are getting exciting.

Additionally, earlier this year Samsung’s chief hinted at a name change but we’re not sure they’ll ever drop the “Galaxy” moniker. And if they don’t drop the name, they could drop the bigger “Plus” model. A report from Korea believes Samsung will ditch the Plus with the Galaxy S11 in 2020, as the bigger model eats into the Note market share. Thoughts? Before we go, take a look at this awesome Galaxy S10 concept image.

And finally, there’s a small possibility the Galaxy S10 will come with a sizable upgrade to the battery for the first time in several years. Samsung surprised everyone with a huge 4,000 mAh battery in the Galaxy Note 9. As a result, expect a sizeable increase for the popular Galaxy S series in early 2019 too. Stay tuned right here for any and all S10 information.

Samsung Galaxy S10 News, Rumors, Release Date & Specs is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile.

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