Steven Jones: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Steven Jones has been identified as the Bellston Spa man who fatally shot his wife, Jennifer Jones, and his daughter, Emma Jones, before shooting himself, in a murder-suicide that has shocked the area.

In a news conference on Saturday, police confirmed that the incident occurred on Friday evening, and the motive is unknown, as of yet.

here’s what you need to know:

1. Jones Was Identified as the Man Responsible for the Deaths of his Wife, Jennifer Jones, and Daughter, Emma Jones

A few hours after news of the murder-suicide was released, it was announced that Steven Jones had fatally shot his wife, Jennifer, and his daughter, Emma.

According to The Daily Gazette, a neighbor said that the Jones family had recently bought a new puppy.

Via Jones’ LinkedIn, he was a manager at GLOBALFOUNDRIES at the time of his death. His LinkedIn bio reads, “Music, playing tennis, swimming and spending time with my family”

Jones attended the University of Liverpool from 1992-1995, gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He then went on to get an MA in Technology Management at the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology from 2002-2003, and also received an MA in Accounting and Finance at the Keller School of Management of DeVry University in 2006.

2. The Incident Was First Tipped off to Authorities When a Neighbor Said They Hadn’t Been Seen in Several Days

Steven and Jennifer Jones

Steven and Jennifer Jones

To ABC News10, a neighbor said that the family had lived on their block for over 10 years, and that they were always friendly. The neighbor said, “I saw them in separate vehicles early on in the week cause they passed by. They would always say hello, and we’d say hello back. They would walk their dogs and typical everyday stuff. That’s not great to see police cars blocking off driveway.”

News10 also said that the Jennifer and Steve Jones had not shown up to work, and that the dogs had been barking inside of the house when the authorities arrived.

3. Emma Jones Was a Seventh-Grade Student at Ballston Spa Middle School

Steven Jones’ LinkedIn photo

According to Times Union, Emma Jones was identified as being a seventh-grade student at her local middle school, Ballston Spa Middle School.

The Times Union further reports that Emma was listed as a reporter for the Wood Road Times, and that she was recognized in the 2018-19 Principals Listing for having a 95 average or higher.

A notification was sent by the school to parents regarding the murder-suicide. The note reads in part, “We now have confirmation that one of our Ballston Spa Middle School students, Emma Jones, is a victim of the fatal incident. Please know that our Middle School crisis team and counseling staff will be in place first thing Monday morning to support our students, faculty, and staff in dealing with this horrific situation.”

4. Authorities Have Not Provided Any Information on a Suspected Motive

For now, authorities have not given any information as to the circumstances surrounding the murder-suicide. However, police did confirm at the press conference on Saturday that the weapon had been recovered from the scene and and an investigation was taking place.

5. Ballston Spa Is Known to Be a ‘Very Friendly’ Neighborhood, Southwest of Saratoga Springs

Ballston Spa is a quiet town with a population of around 5,500, and it’s known to be a friendly area, according to people who spoke to The Daily Gazette. 

One neighbor said, “Everybody’s very friendly in this neighborhood. It’s one of the reasons we’re here and have been here as long as we have, because of the neighbors.”

The neighbor added, “It’s not great to see police cars blocking off streets when you pull into your neighborhood.”

Another neighbor said to The Daily Gazette, “It’s a very quiet neighborhood, very safe neighborhood. We all look out for one another, always.”


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