Tiaundra Kae Christon: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Tiaundra Kae Christon has been arrested in connection to the disappearance of her two-year-old daughter. 21-year-old Christon of Bryan, Texas, called police on October 28 to report that her child, Hazana Anderson, had vanished.

She told officers with the College Station Police Department that Hazana went missing at a park that morning. But after about 24 hours of searching, law enforcement decided that Christon had either lied or withheld crucial information. She was arrested Monday, October 29.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Police: Christon Told Officers She Left Hazana in a Stroller While She Went Back to the Car to Get a Bottle

Tiaundra Kae Christon called police on Sunday, October 28, to report her toddler was missing. College Station Police officers responded to Gabbard Park, located at 1201 Dexter Drive South, around 9:20 a.m.

She told officers that she brought 2-year-old Hazana to the park around 8 a.m. At some point, Christon decided to leave Hazana in the stroller while she walked back to her car to retrieve a bottle. The child was reportedly gone by the time Christon walked back to the stroller a few minutes later. Two fishermen working in the park reportedly told police they heard Christon screaming and rushed over to help look for her daughter, according to KBTX-TV.

Officers with the College Station Criminal Investigation division joined the search, which included checking nearby homes and backyards. Police dogs were brought in but failed to find Hazana’s scent. Drones helped widen the search beyond the park. Divers were used to go through the pond located inside the park, in case Hazana had fallen in. The search came up empty.

2. Hazana’s Father, Tobodrick Anderson, Said He Used to Be the Primary Caregiver But That Tiaundra Christon Had Been Keeping His Daughter Away From Him For the Past Two Months

Hazana’s father, Tobodrick Anderson, told ABC affiliate KTRK-TV that he had not seen his daughter for two months prior to her disappearance. He explained to a reporter that after he and Tiaundra Christon had split up, they initially tried to set up a co-parenting schedule. He mentioned that he became the primary caregiver for a time, and thought Christon preferred it that way.

But Anderson explained that he and Christon’s communication took a dive. He claimed that Christon and her mother decided to keep Hazana away from him. He said Christon would either avoid her house or refuse to open the door when he came by, and that Hazana’s grandmother would not answer his phone calls.

Anderson explained that it was College Station Police, not Christon, who first called to inform him that Hazana had vanished. He described feeling “terror, panic, confusion, worry, dread, resentment” when he heard the news. Anderson explained that he thought it was “odd” that Christon had chosen to bring Hazana to Gabbard Park, for two reasons. First, he said there are plenty of other parks closer to Christon’s own home. And second, Anderson and members of his family live in the area. Considering the estrangement between the couple, Anderson said it seemed strange that Christon would choose to bring their daughter to a park so close to Anderson’s home.

Anderson explained that he jumped in to help police by assisting with the door-to-door search. While he was doing that, he said Christon remained sitting in the park. Anderson told the reporter that he confronted Christon, and accused her of not being concerned about their daughter. He said Christon kept repeating to him that she thought Hazana would be ok for a few minutes while she grabbed a bottle.

When the reporter asked Anderson whether he thought Christon could have been involved in Hazana’s disappearance, he responded that he “didn’t want to say that.” But he acknowledged that “things don’t add up.” Anderson said he was trying to stay positive. He was hoping that perhaps Christon gave Hazana to another relative and that his daughter was safe. He issued a plea to the public for help in locating his daughter.

3. Police Used Social Media to Spread the Word About Hazana Anderson

The College Station Police Department is asking the public for help in locating 2-year-old Hazana Anderson. She is about 3 feet tall and weighs approximately 28 pounds.

She was last seen wearing an olive green jacket, a long-sleeved black shirt that says “girl squad” on it, and cream colored pants. On her feet were pink socks and dark pink shoes. She had a purple beanie on her head.

Her father described Hazana as a silly, happy little girl who smiles all the time. He said she enjoys fruits and sweet foods and loves to hug him.

Police say Hazana has a dark-colored birth mark around the big toe on her left foot. Anyone with information is asked to call the College Station Police Department at 979-764-3600.

4. Tiaundra Christon Was Arrested October 29 After Police Concluded She Had Lied to Officers

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College Station Police announced on Monday, October 29, that Tiaundra Kae Christon had been arrested in connection to her daughter’s disappearance. She was booked into the Brazos County Jail and bond was set at $ 2,000.

According to jail records, she is facing charges of filing a false report and Abandoning/Endangering a Child. Child endangerment is a felony. Under Texas law, “a person commits an offense if he/she intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence, by act or omission, engages in conduct that places a child younger than 15 years in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment.”

The police department shared on Facebook that the “charge of “Abandoning/ Endangering a Child” was due to Miss Christon placing the child in an environment, “near a body of water”, that posed a potential risk to the safety of the child.” The false report charge was added because they had evidence Christon “was not providing truthful information regarding the incident.”

An online search reveals that Tiaundra Christon has been in legal trouble in the past. In November 2012, she pleaded no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct in Brazos County, Texas. The case type was labeled as “Criminal Non-traffic.” She was ordered to pay a fine.

5. Tobodrick Anderson Said Tiaundra Christon Had New a Boyfriend With Ties to Louisiana & That Police Had Searched That Man’s Apartment

Tobodrick Anderson shared with CBS affiliate KBTX-TV that Tiaundra Christon had recently begun dating someone new. Anderson said officers had searched the boyfriend’s apartment. A police lieutenant confirmed to the TV station that officers were interviewing potential witnesses and that Christon’s boyfriend had been included on that list.

Anderson explained further that Christon’s boyfriend had relatives in Louisiana, and connections in Houston. He said police planned to search in those areas as well; however, police told KBTX that the search had not yet expanded beyond College Station.

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